Why label?

So recently in my blog feed I saw this title and to be honest I began to feel some type of way. Not because of the heriom of this lady as she risked her life to save many children, but because I don’t understand why it had to be titled as such. I don’t quite get why the reader has to be enlighten on the race of this person. Why does it matter what color she was? Isn’t what’s most important is that children were saved and another human being helped them? 

Daily in this country people feel the need to put labels on people. In my opinion that is why there is so much division amomgest us. Did the author label this as such to let the readers know that not all black people are bad and that there are some really good caring ones out there? Who knows, but sometimes I wish we could be blindfolded and see no color, just another human being. I bet then racism, hatred and labels would quickly be a second thought. With blindfolds no one will think they are better than the next because we would need to depend on each other to make it in this life. 

This post is not to tell anyone to deny their heritage, but why so many labels? Job and college applications have gotten to be way too much. We’re all human. All of our blood is red. We we’re all born and we are all gonna die one day. If any label should had been placed on this lady it simply should had be hero! Or how about simply giving her honor by saying her name in the title and not her race.

But those are just my thoughts…


Beautiful without a filter

This is a picture my hip and side view of the real me at age 39. Although I’ve had two children, the ironic thing is that this is what I looked like even in my youth. I’ve always had stretch marks and I’ve never tried to cover them up with make-up or filters on my phone. Why? Because stretch marks are real life and it doesn’t make me any less beatuful because I have them. In my mind growing up I thought it was normal. I thought everyone had them. 

As I was taking this picture my son came in the bathroom unaware as to what I was doing. He was shocked as I held the camera towards my rear end and quickly asked why was I doing such a thing. 

I told him the honest truth. I told him that I wanted to write a blog post that encouraged other females to embrace their stretch marks, cellulite or any other normal body changes. This is real life and in real life, women aren’t perfect. Yet, we’re strong warriors, filters and make-up have many young girls disillusioned. 

It’s very unfortunate when a female doesn’t like herself or a certain part of her body because someone told her she shouldn’t. Or because she’s looked on the internet or in a magazine and saw women who don’t look like her, yet are glamorized because of the appearance of perfection. 

It’s very unfortunate that females don’t embrace their true selves. Rather they try and starve themselves as they try to fit into the cookie cutter of unrealistic views and opinions of people whose opinions don’t really matter. 

In my opinion, every size is beautiful. Every hue of human is beautiful. Stretch marks and dimples on the rear are also apart of life. And no female should feel less about themselves because they don’t look like someone else. God made everyone different, yet God loves us all the same. 

So I write this post to any female who doesn’t feel beautiful because of your stretch marks or other body contouring. Please know you are Gods greatest creation and in order for someone else to love you wholeheartedly, you must first love yourself! (Without any filters) ❤

Likes are for self…withdrawn from Facebook

I think many people are addicted to “likes” and “comments” regarding posts made on their Facebook or any social media accounts. I admit, I was one. To me, my life is pretty awesome. Thus, I never saw it as a big deal when I posted a picture or said something witty or insightful. But, when the “likes” didn’t accrue like I thought they should I began to feel some type of way.

Are people not seeing my posts? I began to ponder within myself. Internally I knew that picture was cute or what I had just said was straight knowledge. So why am I not getting the likes I thought I deserved? Wierd, but true. At least i’m being honest.

True, I loved sharing pictures of my life and my children so my friends could see them, but with the number of true friends on my Facebook account, I could have simply sent those pictures through a text message directly to their cell phones or e-mails.

And yes, all of the friends I have on Facebook I’ve met at some point in my life, they are not all my close true friends. So why did I deem sharing events or pictures about my life and family important to others who could care less about me on any given day? I was addicted to the “like” trap!!

In my opinion Facebook has handicapped many relationships from being genuine. Nowadays people think they actually know you from a single post or picture. I truly miss the days of people actually getting together and chillin at someone’s house. No one had cell phones in their hands, rather they talked to one another in real conversations. Back in the day no one cared about “likes.” People just lived their lives, had house or basement parties and enjoyed fun times like playing spades or monopoly.

Well, since my husband always mention how people are too plugged into the matrix, (social media) I decided to try an experiment regarding my Facebook account. I decided to deactivate my account for a little while to see if anyone actually notice. I deactivated my account to become unplugged from seeing my Facebook icon light up with a number when someone “liked” one of my post. I deactivated my account to focus on more important things in life. Yes, there are actually more important things in life than Facebook! I deactivated my account and guess what? No one cares…

I do plan to reactivate my account because I do miss seeing pictures and post made by my friends. I do enjoying reading encouraging and uplifting posts. I do love seeing all the great things God is doing in the lives of my friends. I do love sharing his blessings about my life.

Although I do plan to reactivate my account, I did learn a valuable lesson. In reality, no one really cares if you post something or not. (No one to this point has reached out to me asking where have I been, why haven’t I posted any pictures nor if me or my family is ok.)

Everyone’s life is in constant motion. People are busy, or at least they say they are. Your true friends will contact you regardless of social media posts. Live your best life and make time for those who are important to you. Make as memories as you can for yourself, regardless of “likes.” God likes you and his opinion is the most important.

The Versatile Blogger Award

So, I was blessed to receive this award about a week ago and I was totally in shock. I would like to thank Amitch90.

Amitch90 for this nomination. I have been blogging off and on for a few years, but it wasn’t until last year that I started to take it more seriously. So much thanks and appreciation to you my blogging friend.

I would next like to thank God for my brain and the ability to think for myself. Thank you the life experiences you give me so I can write and share with the world. Next, thank you to all those who choose to read and comment on my blogs.

Now I am suppose to share seven facts about myself.

1. I love to sleep.

2. My favorite food is pizza

3. I hate shopping and pumping gas.

4. I secretly want another child and puppy.

5. My dream is to be on the NY Times best sellers list.

6. I want to pursue motivational speaking.

7. I would love to open a shelter for women and children.

Next I am suppose to nominate 10 blogs. So here it goes. Please show award on your blog.


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Well, once again thank you and goodnight! Happy Blogging!




Why I love Social Media


I am a social media junkie. I love connecting with other new exciting people and vice versa. Social media allows my extrovert personality to learn new things, meet new people, follow the latest trending news and stay in touch with family and friends a far with just a click. No matter if I’m in my pajama’s or at work, while I’m waiting for my next patient. All I have to do is click a button and my mind goes on an adventure.

Yes, too much social media can become a problem. While many people have used it as an outlet to display hurtful videos and pictures, social media should be used as merely entertainment and networking opportunities. Not as some little god who takes control of you, your mind and causes you life to loses its purpose. 

I will be honest, I love seeing what everyone else is doing. I guess it’s my definition of people watching at the mall, just without the mall. I honestly, love seeing pictures of all my friends, their children and their new boo’s on Facebook and Instgram. I love getting new cool ideas from sites like Pinerest and Etsy. And now, I’m apart of Snap chat. Quick snaps of my quirky little world.

I love WordPress because it gives me an opportunity to read the thoughts of other people And vice versa. Its always so interesting to find out if I’m the only one who thinks a certain way. Blooging allows me to be free with what I say. There is little judgement in the blogging world. And even if someone disagrees with my thoughts, either I can accept their opinion or simply delete their comment. I have total control!

For me, social media is amazing, interesting and a learning experience. My life is very busy with raising my two boys, getting married soon, writing and marketing books and stepping out in faith as a motivational speaker. But social media provides me with in opportunity to escape my busy world. Its relaxing and often time a humorous adventure.