Why label?

So recently in my blog feed I saw this title and to be honest I began to feel some type of way. Not because of the heriom of this lady as she risked her life to save many children, but because I don’t understand why it had to be titled as such. I don’t quite get why the reader has to be enlighten on the race of this person. Why does it matter what color she was? Isn’t what’s most important is that children were saved and another human being helped them? 

Daily in this country people feel the need to put labels on people. In my opinion that is why there is so much division amomgest us. Did the author label this as such to let the readers know that not all black people are bad and that there are some really good caring ones out there? Who knows, but sometimes I wish we could be blindfolded and see no color, just another human being. I bet then racism, hatred and labels would quickly be a second thought. With blindfolds no one will think they are better than the next because we would need to depend on each other to make it in this life. 

This post is not to tell anyone to deny their heritage, but why so many labels? Job and college applications have gotten to be way too much. We’re all human. All of our blood is red. We we’re all born and we are all gonna die one day. If any label should had been placed on this lady it simply should had be hero! Or how about simply giving her honor by saying her name in the title and not her race.

But those are just my thoughts…



I am only 38 and I admit I have not been through nearly as much as some people on this planet. I have never been raped. I have never had to sleep in the streets and wonder where my next meal was coming from. I came from a single parent home, but it was never broken because I saw my dad all the time. Drugs were never and issue in my life, nor did I ever witness my mom being abused. 

So why am I so tired? I’m tired because of the lack of love in the world. I’m tired off hearing and reading about the senseless killings that occur everyday for no reason at all. I’m tired of little children losing their parents to crime, leaving some to be raised in a system of injustice.

I’m tried of no one owning up to their mistakes. No one is perfect, so own up to what you did and try to make it better. I’m tired of people blaming others for where they are or are not in their lives. Just because a liquor store was placed on your corner doesn’t mean you have to go in it and buy alcohol. Just because someone sells drugs doesn’t mean someone is making you buy them. 

My husband and I debate about this at times. He believe people are products of their surroundings. I total disagreed. I believe everyone has choices. True, you could have grown up in not the best circumstances, but if you are determined to change your future you can. Yes, it may be hard. But, all things are possible with God. 

So yes I’m tired. Tired of routine, racism, hatred, betrayal, senseless killings, and other things. But what can I do to change how things are here on the earth while I am still alive? I can start by living and portraying the life that I want to others to follow. I can start by teaching my children about choices. Choices that may be made in the present, affecting their future. I, amongst others can stop being so tired and stand up for what is right. We can stand up tall when others try to bring us down. We can all start by being there for someone in need, by either word or deed. The act of love can go a long way. 

So true, I haven’t experienced what many others have. But, one thing I do know is that I’m tired of love not being shown to others. Together we can make a great impact, but first we gotta get pass out dislike for each other. Skin color varies, but all of our blood is red. 


Wow, just typing those words sent chills down my spine. How can someone say they HATE another person? I totally get not liking a certain behavior of a person or an annoying habit a person has. But, to say you hate someone is a bit too much for me.

Racism is been around forever and I can’t see it going anywhere until Jesus returns. Trust me, I’m not being negative, I’m being real. God gave us free will, dominion over this earth and an let’s not forget about the prince of darkness who roams the earth. This is why in my opinion racism and hate will not ever completely go away no matter how hard we pray, fast, rally, sing songs, make videos or protest.

Although I’ve been blessed to have never experienced racism, I’ve personally accepted it not ever leaving this earth as a fact. Its unfortunate, but it’s true. This is my opinion.

It’s so mind blowing to me how although we are all human, we put our clothes on one leg or arm at a time, we all have two ears, eyes, one nose and our blood is red, that their is so much hatred and jealousy in the world. Where’s the love people?

I do appreciate all those trail blazers who have and are making a difference in the world. We have come a mighty long way because of their efforts, blood, sweat, prayers, tears and many of their lives. I give honor to them because of what they’ve done and what others are trying to do. But, hatred of another for no valid reason will always persist.

I am a Christian, thus I have learned through my walk with Christ to love others regardless. Honestly, even if I wasn’t a Christian I would still love. People will always be people, so I personally try to pick wisely the ones I want on my circle of trust regardless of race of religion.

With love there is also forgiveness, something many people need to work on. I get forgiveness is a hard thing to do at times, but it must be done in order for healing to take place. Forgiveness is the glue that will hold any relationship together.

Yes, I’ve been hurt by people, but I don’t hate anyone. I’ve made a choice to forgive and walk in love. My prayer is that more people would walk in love and not hate. We actually have more in common with each other than we really think.

Just my thoughts…Adrian