Our Family Mannequin Challenge

My boys and I love to have fun. This is our quick Mannequin challenge. Enjoy


Black Man/Black Woman

I am a black women, who has dated, loved, cherished, supported, protected and even married a black man. I see so many post about how black women need to be there for their black men. But, when will our black men be there for our black women? 

Many black women are single mothers holding it down without any help from the fathers. While working full time and going to school, the black woman never gets a chance to sit and chill. She is constantly trying to find a way to help her children, her family and herself. She has to be the backbone of the family, the prayer warrior, the provider, the one who kisses her children’s boo boo’s when they hurt themselves. 

The black woman is expected to be strong even when she’s tired and wants to give up. Despite being abused and disrespected by people, she has to keep her head lifted high with dignity. Sometimes even with a man present in her life, she has to do everything, pay for everything with no help from him. 

Cause he’s on the come up and we as black women “need” to support our black men…

But when will the Black Man begin to support, love, cherish and respect the Black woman? When will they grow up and stop being a man child who depends on females for things they should be doing? When will black men focus on legal means to provide for their family so their black woman can be there for the children and make sure they are geared for succeess? When will the Black Man stop abusing the Black woman with their words and actions? When will the Black men raise their black sons to be future leaders and providers?

When will black men start showing their daughters how they should be treated? Not as hoes, but as queens. Love first starts in the home. 

Yes, the ratio of women out weigh that of men. But, I say to my black man, pick only one black woman and love her unconditionally. Love her like your life depended on it. Be there for her and lift her up when she feels depleted. Pray for your woman and provide for her. Be able to stand before God and say you valued the gift he blessed you with. Be able to say she never questioned your trust and that at any point you would have given your life for her. Be able to tell God that you never put anyone else before her and she knew she was appreciated. 

I love my black men. I have black children. I married a black man. I love, protect, cherish, respect and support my black man. But black men…you have to do better! 


I am only 38 and I admit I have not been through nearly as much as some people on this planet. I have never been raped. I have never had to sleep in the streets and wonder where my next meal was coming from. I came from a single parent home, but it was never broken because I saw my dad all the time. Drugs were never and issue in my life, nor did I ever witness my mom being abused. 

So why am I so tired? I’m tired because of the lack of love in the world. I’m tired off hearing and reading about the senseless killings that occur everyday for no reason at all. I’m tired of little children losing their parents to crime, leaving some to be raised in a system of injustice.

I’m tried of no one owning up to their mistakes. No one is perfect, so own up to what you did and try to make it better. I’m tired of people blaming others for where they are or are not in their lives. Just because a liquor store was placed on your corner doesn’t mean you have to go in it and buy alcohol. Just because someone sells drugs doesn’t mean someone is making you buy them. 

My husband and I debate about this at times. He believe people are products of their surroundings. I total disagreed. I believe everyone has choices. True, you could have grown up in not the best circumstances, but if you are determined to change your future you can. Yes, it may be hard. But, all things are possible with God. 

So yes I’m tired. Tired of routine, racism, hatred, betrayal, senseless killings, and other things. But what can I do to change how things are here on the earth while I am still alive? I can start by living and portraying the life that I want to others to follow. I can start by teaching my children about choices. Choices that may be made in the present, affecting their future. I, amongst others can stop being so tired and stand up for what is right. We can stand up tall when others try to bring us down. We can all start by being there for someone in need, by either word or deed. The act of love can go a long way. 

So true, I haven’t experienced what many others have. But, one thing I do know is that I’m tired of love not being shown to others. Together we can make a great impact, but first we gotta get pass out dislike for each other. Skin color varies, but all of our blood is red. 

Watch “Getting a Marriage License – The Wright Way!” on YouTube

The time is fastly approaching in which Keith and I will be united as husband and wife. A lot of emotions are building up. We are excited about what God is doing in our lives. Watch this short video as we go to apply for our marriage license.

Just my thoughts…Adrian

Why I love Social Media


I am a social media junkie. I love connecting with other new exciting people and vice versa. Social media allows my extrovert personality to learn new things, meet new people, follow the latest trending news and stay in touch with family and friends a far with just a click. No matter if I’m in my pajama’s or at work, while I’m waiting for my next patient. All I have to do is click a button and my mind goes on an adventure.

Yes, too much social media can become a problem. While many people have used it as an outlet to display hurtful videos and pictures, social media should be used as merely entertainment and networking opportunities. Not as some little god who takes control of you, your mind and causes you life to loses its purpose. 

I will be honest, I love seeing what everyone else is doing. I guess it’s my definition of people watching at the mall, just without the mall. I honestly, love seeing pictures of all my friends, their children and their new boo’s on Facebook and Instgram. I love getting new cool ideas from sites like Pinerest and Etsy. And now, I’m apart of Snap chat. Quick snaps of my quirky little world.

I love WordPress because it gives me an opportunity to read the thoughts of other people And vice versa. Its always so interesting to find out if I’m the only one who thinks a certain way. Blooging allows me to be free with what I say. There is little judgement in the blogging world. And even if someone disagrees with my thoughts, either I can accept their opinion or simply delete their comment. I have total control!

For me, social media is amazing, interesting and a learning experience. My life is very busy with raising my two boys, getting married soon, writing and marketing books and stepping out in faith as a motivational speaker. But social media provides me with in opportunity to escape my busy world. Its relaxing and often time a humorous adventure.


Choose your team

Not everyone is going to celebrate you and that is okay. Yes, it hurts but in reality sometimes the ones closest to you; whom you knew would be your “ride or die” end up being the one who hates on you. Why do some people do this? Who knows, maybe jealousy? But, just realize every new level God takes you to won’t have room for everyone in your life.

Where some people drop off, God will bless you will new friends who will encourage and uplift you during your new season in life. Be okay with that. Stop stressing over people’s actions and move foward. You will never understand people so stop trying. Focus on your purpose and keep moving ahead.

Cry if you need to because of the loss, after which dry your tears and get to work. You only get one life, so make the most of your time. Even if in the end there is only you and God left standing, that is all that matters. Because he is all you need!

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