A Movie Date

This weekend my husband took me to see the movie BlacKkKlansman. Although I didn’t know exactly what the movie was about, I was leery in my response when I told him that I’d join him. For those who don’t know me, mentally I live in a rainbow cloud in which I would like to see the world living in harmony and where people actually love and help one another. True, I know this isn’t real, but one day I hope it becomes a reality.

The movie basically was about how a Black man was able to join the KKK. Well, according to the movie, an organization. In reality, yes I know there are those who don’t like others because of minor difference like the color of ones skin. But, it just blows my mind to have actually seen how some Whites really think about those “different” than themselves. When in all actuality we are more alike than different. All humans are born of a women. We all have two ears, two eye and a nose. Unless there is a deformity that may have happened during birth, we all have two arms, as well as, two legs. All humans put our pants on one leg at a time. And all of our blood is red. So to hate or not want to be around another race due to one having more melanin boggles my mind.

In the movie the members of the organization kept saying how they are superior to others. They kept trying to reinforce how they were trying to make American great again. So many slurs and so many outlandish comments were made that were hateful and plain ignorant. And yet they called themselves followers of the Bible.

I’m so confused.

How can one say they follow the teaching of Christ and love God, yet hate the person next to them? How can one want to hurt another as oppose to help them to become a better person? What is the purpose of burning crosses? The main objective on this earth is to…LOVE!

At the end of the movie, the lead actor was told to discard all of what he discovered regarding this organization. Yes, he proved that it existed, yet no one wanted to abolish it. Is it because here in America people have rights and freedom of speech? If so, that’s a sad reason.

I know I personally can’t change the hearts of any, but I know I personally will continue to be the person that I am. I love people regardless of the pigment of their skin. Regardless of their beliefs. Regardless of their hatred towards whomever. I will continue to be kind and try to help as many people as I can along the way.

I will admit seeing these kinds of movies makes me feel some kind of way when I first encounter someone of another race. I feel this way because I know there is evil everywhere. Nowadays, people who hate don’t wear white sheets over their faces, they wear suits, uniforms, robes and even plain clothes. People who hate have everyday jobs just like me. A lot of times they even hold a office in high places and can make rules that govern the land.

Yet, I will continue to show love and just be me…


Bucket List check off

This year I turned 40. As the day approached I will admit I was full of emotions. My thirties were to say the least…hard. Yet, I planned an amazing birthday party and had a great time with family and friends.

Like many others I have a bucket list. For turning 40, I wanted to do something “wild.” I’m a pretty chilled person so saying the word “wild” is still mild. But, I wanted to do something to welcome my forties. And so I decided to get a piercing. At first I wanted to get my upper ear pierced, but I heard hurts. So instead I went with getting my nose pierced.

What made me really excited about getting my piercing was after I saw Meagan Markles mom at the Royal wedding. She was absolutely gorgeous. So off I went…

My good friend Kim came with me just in case I had a panic attack and chicken out. So I signed all the forms and layed on the table. Then the guy placed the dot where the piercing was going to be, and I braced for impact. Actually, the piercing wasn’t all that bad. Yes, I will be honest one tear did fall out my eye due to the shock of a new hole in my body, but overall the experience was okay.

I’m excited about my new addition and the many other things I get to cross off my bucket list as the years progress. Do you also have a bucket list? What things do you want to do in the future?

Black Friends

So I was born as a African American female. Thus, I’ve been “Black” my entire life to say the least. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been the type of person who didn’t see race. I actually like or love people for who they are.

During my schooling as a child, the vast majority of my classmates looked just like me. My neighbors looked just like me too. Yet, I’ve always had a diverse spirit and so I was blessed to attend a diverse activies and a church with one of friends and her family.

During this time, I sang worship songs and played with others who didn’t look like me physically. But, I was a child and all I wanted to do was have fun.

As I grew into an adult I’ve always held on to what I call my “Rainbow Brite” mentality. I’m just a lover of people. I love diversity. I love learning about how others grew up and what led them to having our paths cross. I’m even blessed to work in a field in which I meet so many different people from all over the world. I love getting to know new people and the different conversations we engage in.

Recently, I went out with some friends . One friend was white and the others were black. I have no idea how we got on this topic, but I learned that day that I was the only black “friend” my white friend had.

I don’t write this as to demean her. She is a very awesome person and friend who clearly doesn’t see color if she’s hanging out with me. But, never in my life had a heard that before from any white person. Maybe, because I consider my friends so amazing and we have such a great time hanging out that, I just assumed they had other Black friends.

Well, to say the least this was an ah ha moment for me. I don’t love her any less, she just doesn’t have other Black friends. (Yet)

Maybe there are many others in the world who don’t have many friends outside of their race and that’s ok. Many people stick to what’s familiar even by default, not due to any racial issues. And that’s ok too.

If I had to pick one black person to be friends with, I would choose me too. 😊

50 shades of love and more!

So yesterday I concluded the movie series of 50 shades. I read the first book not too long ago, but then I realized that the third movie was soon to come out. So I quickly watched the first and second movie so I could be ready to understand the third movie.

When I began reading the first book, I couldn’t quite figure out if I liked Christian; a lead character. The more I read, the more I developed a love/hate relationship with this man. With which page I turned, I became obsessed with trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with him. Why was he the way he was? Why such control issues?

By the end of the book, I began to somewhat like and understand him. But of course I still had more questions. Yet, I did feel as though he was being sincere and really loved Anastasia; his love interest.

From the first movie till the last, I appreciated how he tried to shower her with admiration. His intrigue of her beauty and intelligence was facinating. Each movie I will admit was intense. I clung to the screen wondering what would happen next. I can honestly say none of the three movies were a disappointment.

I can imagine woman across the globe leaving the theater wanting someone like Christian Grey. But, I am blessed, although my Christian is named Keith he is my love for life.

No, he doesn’t fly me across the world in his private jet. But he does make sure I feel loved daily. He loves to cook, so I’m always eating good. And we have the best time everytime we go out.

We met on the internet, got married 9 months later and will be celebrating 2 years of marriage in April. He is my 50 shades and more. I appreciate the blessing I have in him.

I left the movies hoping that people appreciate the person they have in their life. Life is not promised, so cherish the one in your life everyday. Begin the write your own love story on your big screen of life.

Tiffany Haddish – As real as it gets!

So not too long ago I went to see the movie, Girl’s Trip. At this time I had never heard of Tiffany Haddish, but as I watched the movie I began to realize how amazing this actress/comedian truly is. Her character in this movie was so relatable and funny. I totally saw myself as I watched her on the big screen.

This movie caused me to want to know more about this super talented lady. Thus, I read her book, The Black Unicorn. As I read each chapter my mouth dropped. This lady was truly transparent, real and didn’t hold back her life experiences regardless of what others might think. And because of that and her persistence in accepting what life throws her way, she has become a break out star. She inspires me beyond words.

One day I would love to just meet this lady, say thank you for sharing her life with me and have some laughs. She’s totally fits the description of what I would want in a sister/friend. Meeting her may be a long shot to some, but I believe the universe will one day align it that we meet and eat some joyful greens. (I also love to garden.) Until then Ms. Tiffany keep doing your thing and being the best you God created you to be.

Pay it foward

This weekend I took my husband to Louisiana to cap off his birthday celebrations. Despite the fact that my husband is born on Valentine’s, which is ultimately my favorite hoilday, I always want him to feel special as well. This year his birthday fell on a Wednesday, so we waited until the weekend to engage in our fun activities. Saturday we went to a new restaurant here in town named, The Whiskey Cake. The food was delicious. After which we went to see the new movie, Black Panther. Then on Sunday, we drove to the casino to gamble a little, but most importantly to eat at the buffet. You see, my husband LOVES food!!! So taking him there to eat all he could made his day!

As we stood in line, there was this guy standing there at the register talking with the cashier lady. I don’t really know what they were talking about because there was a couple ahead of us, and plus I try not to listen to other peoples conversations. But then the cashier asked the couple in front of us what they wanted to drink. I don’t know how much English this couple knew, but they knew enough to say what type of drink they wanted after being confused why the lady asked them that.

Then, she proceeded to say something else to the guy at the register. She then asks us what we wanted to drink. I was really confused at this point because they only ask what you want to drink when it’s time to pay and enter the buffet. Plus, the couple was still in front of us and the man was still standing in front of the cashier.

I’m guessing the lady saw how confused everyone was looking so she finally says, “He just paid for you all!” My mouth dropped. Me and my hubby were both in shock. The couple in front of us didn’t seem as excited and appreciative as we were that is why I don’t think they spoke that much English. I really don’t think they knew exactly what just happened. But both me and my husband showered the man with thanks and God bless you’s!

I have no idea why this man did this or why we were at the right place at the right time. But it did remind me of God’s love and how we should give to others and pay it forward. I plan to be a blessing to someone else this week.

Being grateful

Often life can be rushed. With working full-time, being a wife/mother/author and boss babe, time can quickly pass. Life can become routine and anyone can begin to take the little things for granted. But, we all must take time to breathe, enjoy the moment and appreciate the blessings of life.

My daily routine, although it’s doesn’t happen the same everyday is to thank my Creator for my life and for the many blessings bestowed upon me. Acknowledging my Creator helps me to align my life and my purpose.

I am grateful for life and so much more.

Although from birthing two children, I now have some bulges that weren’t there before. I am grateful for motherhood and for healthy children. My house may not be a masion on a hill, but every time I walk through the door I’m reminded of how much God can do above and beyond my widest imagination.

Everyday, I review the medical history of people and everyday I thank God because I don’t check what they’ve checked on their forms. God has kept me healthy…I am grateful.

Big things are always amazing, but it’s the small things and even the storms that remind me of why I should always be in the mindset of gratefulness.

There will never be a day I take simply breathing on my own without the use of a machine for granted. To see the beautiful colors of the world or to feel the warmth of the sun. These things are all BIG things to me.

It’s because I’m able to experience life in it’s fullness that I’m grateful.