Why label?

So recently in my blog feed I saw this title and to be honest I began to feel some type of way. Not because of the heriom of this lady as she risked her life to save many children, but because I don’t understand why it had to be titled as such. I don’t quite get why the reader has to be enlighten on the race of this person. Why does it matter what color she was? Isn’t what’s most important is that children were saved and another human being helped them? 

Daily in this country people feel the need to put labels on people. In my opinion that is why there is so much division amomgest us. Did the author label this as such to let the readers know that not all black people are bad and that there are some really good caring ones out there? Who knows, but sometimes I wish we could be blindfolded and see no color, just another human being. I bet then racism, hatred and labels would quickly be a second thought. With blindfolds no one will think they are better than the next because we would need to depend on each other to make it in this life. 

This post is not to tell anyone to deny their heritage, but why so many labels? Job and college applications have gotten to be way too much. We’re all human. All of our blood is red. We we’re all born and we are all gonna die one day. If any label should had been placed on this lady it simply should had be hero! Or how about simply giving her honor by saying her name in the title and not her race.

But those are just my thoughts…


My love for writing.


Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always enjoyed writing. I started off writing poems, then short stories. My twelth grade year of high school I wrote, produced and directed my first stage play. That was a very exciting moment for me. During my freshmen year of college, I was blessed to have a short story published in an anthology by the Detroit Black Writer Guild. What a honor that was for me.

Since then, I’ve written other plays, but never to performance status. In 2006, I wrote and published my very first fictional book, Without Saying a Word.
Since then I’ve written other books, but my newest blessing has been the childrens series I’ve been working on, Giants for God.

This series of childrens books are extra special to me because the main characters in these books are my boys. In each book, there is a practical life lesson in which has reference to a particular scripture in the Bible.

Above is the cover of the third book in this series. I love this cover and I really think my illustrator has done an amazing job. Book release will be this summer. I hope many people are blessed by this book!

All my books can be purchased on http://www.lulu.com

When I was a child.


Germs, germs, germs. The other day I got another email from the childcare saying someone in the school aged room had strep. I was in a rush as always, so I deleted it and moved on to my next email.

Surely, my child who was just treated for strep a few weeks ago couldn’t possibly get it again. Thus, I went on with my life. Later, I picked my boys up from childcare and the youngest said those infamous words, “Mom, my throat hurts!” Is this a joke,” I thought to myself? How is this possible? Does he go around licking other children? This child is the main reason I have health insurance, so off we went to the urgent care.

You see, I’m a single mom and taking off work is just not an option. Yes, I totally understand God is my ultimate provider and not my employer. But, I figure, God has more opportunities to bless if I also did my part and go to work.

As we sat in the waiting room, I begin to think back to when I was a child how things are so much different than nowadays. When I was a child, never did I use hand sanitizer. Yet, I was a pretty healthy kid. I drank out of the water hose, tasted my mud pies, rode my bike without a helmet, climb trees, jumped fences, and yet I’m still here to tell it. Yes, I’m pretty sure my mom made us wash our hands before eating. But, while I was playing outside germs were free game. I was a kid and I loved doing gross kid stuff.

I’m just confused where did all of these germs and sicknesses come from. As a mom, I pride myself on wiping down everything, ensuring my children wash their hands (all the time), I have hand sanitizer galour, yet here I am at the urgent care AGAIN!!

Will this germ fest ever end? When will bacteria leave my children alone? I’m really over fevers, ear infections, strep and having to take off work to watch a sick child drag around all day. I truly miss my childhood and not being so consumed by germs. I wish my babies didn’t have to go through some of the things they do. I just want them to have a healthy and fun childhood, full of lastly memories of good times, not of the taste of Anti-biotics.

Here child take your meds…

Watch “Cute Couple – Running Errands” on YouTube

I’m this humorous video watch Keith and myself as we attempt to run errands as a couple.

**Subscribe on YouTube to our channel for more of how we’re learning how to navigate as a couple and blended family.**

Just my thoughts…Adrian

The Versatile Blogger Award

So, I was blessed to receive this award about a week ago and I was totally in shock. I would like to thank Amitch90.

Amitch90 for this nomination. I have been blogging off and on for a few years, but it wasn’t until last year that I started to take it more seriously. So much thanks and appreciation to you my blogging friend.

I would next like to thank God for my brain and the ability to think for myself. Thank you the life experiences you give me so I can write and share with the world. Next, thank you to all those who choose to read and comment on my blogs.

Now I am suppose to share seven facts about myself.

1. I love to sleep.

2. My favorite food is pizza

3. I hate shopping and pumping gas.

4. I secretly want another child and puppy.

5. My dream is to be on the NY Times best sellers list.

6. I want to pursue motivational speaking.

7. I would love to open a shelter for women and children.

Next I am suppose to nominate 10 blogs. So here it goes. Please show award on your blog.


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Well, once again thank you and goodnight! Happy Blogging!