I can only speak for myself when I say 2016 has been an amazing year! I don’t really write resolutions, but I do make goals. I do want to be better at the end of a year than I was at the beginning. I am convinced I achieved this.

At times maintaining focus was quite difficult with raising two young boys, running them to various things in and out of school. I also became a newlywed, so now I must also give my husband attention. And I work full time like most Americans. I admit, feeling tired most days is an understatement. Yet, I try to press ahead so I’m not a waster of the time God has granted me with. 

I blogged, I published two books, I went on two vacations, I got married, I celebrated one year as a homeowner, I started a non profit for children, joined a new church, and I became a volunteer at an elderly facility. Yep, I stayed busy, but it has been an amazing year. 

My focus every year is to be a better person I was the year before. I also want to be a blessing to more people every year. Helping people in need is my motivation and passion. I want people to know God has not forgotten about them and I want them to experience his love by anything I can do to help. 

2016 has been amazing. Each year seems better than the last. I am grateful for God’s favor on my life. I am appreciative of all his blessings. I’m excited to see how 2017 will unfold. Excited to see the new people I will meet. Excited to see the places I will go. Excited to see the many people I will be able to help. 

How was your year? 


Sleep is my drug of choice!

As we start a new year many people set resolutions. Some want to loose weight and get in shape, others want to pursue dream jobs, while others want to grow closer to God. All resolutions that are set and planned out sound good and realistic until a distraction comes into play.

Distractions can take on many forms. For me, being a single mom, I’m constantly thinking about how to be the best mom for my boys. At times, I get overwhelmed because my choices are important. They not only affect me, but also my boys. I pray daily for clarity and wisdom. But just as I’m about to go into my morning prayer, devotion or meditation session sometimes there’s an interruption or distraction.

“Darn it, I forgot to silence my phone and I just heard the alert.” Yep, thus begins my distractions. Of course, I gotta check it. It could be the greatest. e-mail of all time. Or better yet, someone may have commented on one of my photos on Facebook or Instagram.

“Mom, I’m hungry.” “Mom, he just hit me.” “Mom, can I watch T.V?” The mom questions never end, so I just give up my quiet time to put out sibling wars.

*What are we gonna eat for dinner?

*What will my boys wear to school or eat for lunch today?

*I gotta make sure all of their homework is done, they’ve showered and in bed at a decent hour.

*Gotta make sure I’ve called all my friends back.

*Gotta respond to all my e-mails.

The list goes on and on…until finally I really haven’t accomplished anything, but a whole lot of nothing.

This year I will be goal minded. Purpose driven. I will wake early and go to bed late. Yea, all this sounds great until the third day when my body simply gives out and I fall fast asleep.

But in reality, I will be more focused this year. I want to accomplish more. So sorry Facebook, Instgram and my cozy bed, you will have to wait until I’m done blogging, writing the next NY TIMES best seller, spending quality time with my boys and deepening my relationship with God.

Distractions are not allowed in 2015. Sounds good or paper, right? Well, let me just say, I will be more focused this year. I’m the single mom or two young boys, there will always be distractions. But, sometimes a warm kiss or hug from one of my boys is something I consider the best distraction. And I’ll always make time for that.

I encourage you today to try and stay focused on the purpose God has placed in you. Write your goals down or even make a vision board. That way, you will have a constant reminder about what you are trying to achieve.

Enjoy My YouTube video entitled Distractions:

Distractions: http://youtu.be/_9cfQGlzw7c