Think your way to a better life! 

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Believe it or not, but your current situation is directly related to your previous thoughts. Everyday I encounter people who unknowingly speak negative in their life. When problems occur, instead of speaking negative, begin to say things like, “Although this may be a difficult time at the moment, I will get through this because I am strong. I am an overcomer.” Many people rehearse failure and self pity. If that’s you, please stop today. 

What you put in the universe will eventually find its way to you! 

That is why it is super important to not allow defeat or mistakes to consume you. We all less up! Yes, at the moment it may be hard, but you are bigger than that moment. Whatever you need to get pass this moment has already been placed in you by your Creator. Its up to you to calm  and silence yourself so you can get clarity regarding how to handle your situation. 

One thing people miss is regarding faith. It’s great to believe that God will get you out of this jam, but you a job to do too. First you must think within yourself that it will all work out, then you must act (with actions) and begin to change your situation. 

Faith out works is dead!

I admit changing how you think doesn’t just happen overnight, but you must be purposeful in changing how you think and respond to life. True, your bank account may say something, but you are bigger than your bank account. Your bank account does not define you. You define you. 

I remember when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, I knew this was a serious diagnosis and she did treat it how the doctors thought she should. But, I never acknowledged the diagnosis of the doctors. I never treated my mom like she was different. I would always say to her, “There is nothing wrong with you. You are healthy.” I truly believe this helped my mom stay positive. Years later I still have my mom and she is healthy. 

So as we proceed into 2017, I wanted to encourage you to be careful of the words you speak and the thoughts that enter your mind. Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter and take residence in your mind. Daily think about things that are uplifting and positive. Begin to surround yourself with people who know that they are more than conqureors. Yes, this moment may be difficult, but you are strong…this too shall pass. 


Black Man/Black Woman

I am a black women, who has dated, loved, cherished, supported, protected and even married a black man. I see so many post about how black women need to be there for their black men. But, when will our black men be there for our black women? 

Many black women are single mothers holding it down without any help from the fathers. While working full time and going to school, the black woman never gets a chance to sit and chill. She is constantly trying to find a way to help her children, her family and herself. She has to be the backbone of the family, the prayer warrior, the provider, the one who kisses her children’s boo boo’s when they hurt themselves. 

The black woman is expected to be strong even when she’s tired and wants to give up. Despite being abused and disrespected by people, she has to keep her head lifted high with dignity. Sometimes even with a man present in her life, she has to do everything, pay for everything with no help from him. 

Cause he’s on the come up and we as black women “need” to support our black men…

But when will the Black Man begin to support, love, cherish and respect the Black woman? When will they grow up and stop being a man child who depends on females for things they should be doing? When will black men focus on legal means to provide for their family so their black woman can be there for the children and make sure they are geared for succeess? When will the Black Man stop abusing the Black woman with their words and actions? When will the Black men raise their black sons to be future leaders and providers?

When will black men start showing their daughters how they should be treated? Not as hoes, but as queens. Love first starts in the home. 

Yes, the ratio of women out weigh that of men. But, I say to my black man, pick only one black woman and love her unconditionally. Love her like your life depended on it. Be there for her and lift her up when she feels depleted. Pray for your woman and provide for her. Be able to stand before God and say you valued the gift he blessed you with. Be able to say she never questioned your trust and that at any point you would have given your life for her. Be able to tell God that you never put anyone else before her and she knew she was appreciated. 

I love my black men. I have black children. I married a black man. I love, protect, cherish, respect and support my black man. But black men…you have to do better! 

An unexpected walk

So today did not go exactly as planned. Yesterday my car sounded funny at start up, but I was able to get home safely. My husband started my car a few times that day, then again before he went to work in the morning, and all went well. But, when I tried to start it in hopes of getting my children to childcare and me to work on time, the vehicle wouldn’t start. 

Insert frustration…

So I had to think fast because today was only the second day of school and I didn’t want them to miss or be late. Their school isn’t exactly the closest, but we had to get there. Thus, we began our long walk. 

Over the last few days it has been raining a lot, but today God allowed the sun to shine. Although it’s super hot outside, our walk to school was dry. (Excluding our sweat.) Yes, we had to walk, but thankfully we have legs that can move properly and it was dry. So, I had to take a moment and thank God for these gifts and his mercy. 

Thankfully, the children got to school safe and on time. Now it was time for me to make my walk back home to have someone give me a jump. After I had the battery jumped, I went to an auto store and purchased a new battery. I praise God for the finances to do my purchase. 

He always provides! 

Although I missed two hours of work, in my opinion today was a success. I was able to be with my children on their second day of school, I was not stranded somewhere unsafe, and I was still able to get to work. 

To me, it’s all about how you view things. I could have had an attitude, got stressed out and allowed what happened to ruin my day. But instead, I choose to give God glory despite my struggle. When you have God there is always something postive you can focus on. As a child of God, he promised never to leave not forsake you. Thank you God for having my back today! 

Pray about everything! 

Over the weekend I went over my friends house because I wanted her to trim my ends. I have been natural for about four years now and I usually have my ends clipped twice a year. But, for some strange reason, this summer season has been brutal on my hair and I was very discouraged. It was dry and brittle and I felt like a natural failure to say the least. 

My friend who has been natural for a few years herself was the one who actually did my BIG CHOP! That day was amazing. I felt so free and alive. Who knew cutting your hair could be so exhilarating? 

Well as I proceeded to complain about my hair, my friend stopped me right in my tracks. Instead of agreeing with me, she encouraged me to speak life over my hair. She said I should pray and ask God regarding how to manage and take care of my hair, and to also ask him to lead me to the right products for my hair. 

I was blown away by her words. 

I consider myself a woman of faith, but I never thought about praying about my hair maintenance. 

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” Philippians 4:6 NLT

She was right! I should be able to pray about my hair, as well as, everything else I need help with in my life. Such wisdom she provided me with. I went over there just for a trim, but I left with knowledge. 

So I want to encourage you today, pray about everything. Pray about the super simplest thing to the most complex issue you may face. God wants to hear it all. And nothing is too big or small for him to be apart of. He loves talking and listening to his children. 


“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.” Joel 2:25a NIV

I remember a time when I was doing well in life. I wasn’t rich by any means, but to be a dental hygienist in D.C., I was make a very decent living. I was single and able to come and go as I pleased. And spend money how I desired. Life was good! I eventually decided to get married, not the best decision at that time. But, hey I did it and I was blessed with two amazing children. 

Life got hard. Bills became overwhelming. My husband did not help me in any manner. Yet, God still showed mercy and all the bills got paid. Then we moved South and I made the decision to not work. I was tired of always being the bread winner and taking care of everything. So whatever storms came our way, I allowed him to figure things out because I didn’t have the strength to take them on. 

He wasn’t good at managing money and we fell behind on bills. We never had enough for food, so we ate a lot of ramen noodles and pizza from Little Ceasars. (they had a $5 Hot and Ready special.) My hair began to fall out, I also lost weight. Not good because I’m already a thin person. 

Eventually we divorced and I was left with nothing. Yet, God made provisions for me and my children. I had to get on government assistance, but I was blessed with more than enough money to buy groceries. I sold anything I could on eBay to make money and some of my friends even blessed me with money. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with not the best plumbing and a occasional visit by neighboring roaches. But, God kept us safe and we had each other. 

My children were little so they weren’t aware of the struggle, but I knew and each day I cried, prayed and focused on making a better life for us. 

A few months later I was blessed with a job and we were able to move to a better and larger apartment. I was able to get off government aid and finally had health insurance for my family. We were blessed to stay there for a few years. It was home, but I wanted a house to raise my children in. 

I made my request known to God and diligently worked on what I needed to make it happened. I was blessed with a better job, making more money so I began to save. 

God blessed us to build a home! 

I write this post to encourage others that God has not forgotten about you. Yes, you may have endured a hard season in life. But, God is able to restore and bless you with more than you could ever imagine. Trust him with your future! Trust him with your life! Seasons come and go, don’t get stuck in your right now. Don’t get stuck in what your eyes are showing you in the present moment. Apply your faith today! 

Make today a good day! 

Sometimes I wake up and I don’t want to get up. Yes, the bed feels warm and comfortable. But, sometimes life is hard and I don’t want to face the decisions I will need to make, nor the challenges that will arise. So I hit snooze…

But, in reality I can’t just lay here. I have to put my big girl panties on and hit the floor with the mind that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Yet, I’m still leery…

I begin my day by giving thanks to my Creator and ask for wisdom and direction for my day. I’m nervous, but when I listen to him. When I really listen to him, he directs my path. So, because he has never failed me in the past, I begin to claim that despite whatever it is I will face…today is going to be a good day! 

Your existence…

When did you first become conscious of your own existence? Was it when you were thrust pass the pelvic bones of your mother and wisked away into the hands of unknown doctors and nurses? Who were these people? Why were they taking you away from the only thing that was contant in your life? Or was it simply temporary?  All the while, you had no choice but to submit to the poking and prodding they did to ensure you were doing good since the separation from your mother. Is this how slaves felt?

Or was it when you tasted food for the first time? What are these things called senses that are allowing you to taste, feel, see, hear and smell? Do these senses define you as a human? If you were made in the image of God, are you a God? Who told you that you were a human? What if they told you that you were a fish? Would you act like a fish? Who has defined you? Who told you what to believe? Where did you come from? Where are you going? 

Before the foundation of the world, you were. You were there with God and God has always been there with you. Does breathing prove you exist? Does feeling emotions prove you are human? Do animals feel emotions too? Your existence, your awareness of self; when did this all begin? Was it in the arms of God has he held you close to his heart. Was it when he felt your pulse. He felt your chest expand as he breathed life into your lungs. Who is this God? Why does he love you so much? 

Did your exsistence occur when you passed from childhood into a mature adult? Who was there to hold your hand throughout the years? Your existence, your beginning and and your end have all been uniquely planned out by the one who loves you beyond the universe. Your existence didn’t begin with the constant pushing from your mother. But rather, your existence began with him. Your existence is for him. Your existence will always be because you were created for him, by him. But in order to truly live you have to know what living really means. 

Breathe in and out. Feel him. Exist with a purpose.