Think your way to a better life! 

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Believe it or not, but your current situation is directly related to your previous thoughts. Everyday I encounter people who unknowingly speak negative in their life. When problems occur, instead of speaking negative, begin to say things like, “Although this may be a difficult time at the moment, I will get through this because I am strong. I am an overcomer.” Many people rehearse failure and self pity. If that’s you, please stop today. 

What you put in the universe will eventually find its way to you! 

That is why it is super important to not allow defeat or mistakes to consume you. We all less up! Yes, at the moment it may be hard, but you are bigger than that moment. Whatever you need to get pass this moment has already been placed in you by your Creator. Its up to you to calm  and silence yourself so you can get clarity regarding how to handle your situation. 

One thing people miss is regarding faith. It’s great to believe that God will get you out of this jam, but you a job to do too. First you must think within yourself that it will all work out, then you must act (with actions) and begin to change your situation. 

Faith out works is dead!

I admit changing how you think doesn’t just happen overnight, but you must be purposeful in changing how you think and respond to life. True, your bank account may say something, but you are bigger than your bank account. Your bank account does not define you. You define you. 

I remember when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, I knew this was a serious diagnosis and she did treat it how the doctors thought she should. But, I never acknowledged the diagnosis of the doctors. I never treated my mom like she was different. I would always say to her, “There is nothing wrong with you. You are healthy.” I truly believe this helped my mom stay positive. Years later I still have my mom and she is healthy. 

So as we proceed into 2017, I wanted to encourage you to be careful of the words you speak and the thoughts that enter your mind. Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter and take residence in your mind. Daily think about things that are uplifting and positive. Begin to surround yourself with people who know that they are more than conqureors. Yes, this moment may be difficult, but you are strong…this too shall pass. 



I can only speak for myself when I say 2016 has been an amazing year! I don’t really write resolutions, but I do make goals. I do want to be better at the end of a year than I was at the beginning. I am convinced I achieved this.

At times maintaining focus was quite difficult with raising two young boys, running them to various things in and out of school. I also became a newlywed, so now I must also give my husband attention. And I work full time like most Americans. I admit, feeling tired most days is an understatement. Yet, I try to press ahead so I’m not a waster of the time God has granted me with. 

I blogged, I published two books, I went on two vacations, I got married, I celebrated one year as a homeowner, I started a non profit for children, joined a new church, and I became a volunteer at an elderly facility. Yep, I stayed busy, but it has been an amazing year. 

My focus every year is to be a better person I was the year before. I also want to be a blessing to more people every year. Helping people in need is my motivation and passion. I want people to know God has not forgotten about them and I want them to experience his love by anything I can do to help. 

2016 has been amazing. Each year seems better than the last. I am grateful for God’s favor on my life. I am appreciative of all his blessings. I’m excited to see how 2017 will unfold. Excited to see the new people I will meet. Excited to see the places I will go. Excited to see the many people I will be able to help. 

How was your year? 


When you are born, God placed everything you would ever need to succeed within you. As you mature and discovery more about yourself, your gifts and abilities, it’s up to you to flourish in this life. Yes, along the way God is going to help you and open doors for you. But, he is not going to bring the door to you. You must be a person of action and make things happen for yourself. 

People who flourish are risk takers. They are not afraid to take a leap of faith. They are the ones who understand that faith without works is pointless. They understand that failing is apart of succeeding. 

My prayer is that everyone would begin to live outside of their comfort zone and expand their territory of thinking. We serve a big God who wants to do above and beyond what we could ever imagine. 

But it all starts with you…

Watch “How to find out your purpose!” on YouTube

This past Saturday I was blesses to be the keynote speaker at my MADE FOR MORE event. The topic was: Finding your purpose. Here is the video of the event. Be blessed.

Never Give Up

Everyone comes from a different beginning. Some people are born into a wealthy family, while others did not. Some are born into love from all those around them, while others have experienced rejection since birth.

Be encouraged, whatever your beginnings may have been, realize they don’t define who you are as a person. Never let your past dictate your present or your future. Only you can change the course of your life and overcome any obstacle that is before you. Only you can change how your life will be. But first you must change your mind…change your thoughts.

Ok, I get that you were dealt a hand in which you would rather fold on, but don’t let that keep you out of the game. Never give up. Never stop believing. Always have faith.

Take life one day at a time. Enjoy the moment. Plan for the future, but live in the now. Ignore the voices that say you will never accomplish your dreams. Ignore the hurdles. Just keep pressing foward while never comparing yourself to others. God gave you a purpose and only you can fulfill that purpose.

Refuse to go to the grave full of your purpose!

Letting Go…


If anyone were to admit it is hard to let go, it would be me. I wouldn’t say I’m clingy or a horderer, but sometimes it’s hard for me to grasp the concept of everything having a season.

For example, when I’m blessed to meet new people. I want us to stay in touch forever. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Some people are in my life to teach me a “right now” lesson, then they must exit my life. I must be ok with that.  Some people do have a longer purpose in my life. I’ve been blessed to have life-long friendships. Granted, we don’t talk everyday because life can get busy. But, some friends are just meant to be there so you can just “be you” around them. These friends keep you grounded and aware of self.

With any relationship, one must allow people to fulfill their purpose, then allow them to move on. As much as we don’t want to admit it, nothing lasts forever. There will always a beginning and an end.

Also with life in general, one must learn when to let go and move on. When I move from Michigan to the East Coast, it was time. Just like when I left the East and headed South, it was time. Letting go of everything I’ve ever known was difficult, but it had to happen when it happened. It had to happen when God designed for it to happen. And I will admit, his timing was perfect.

The people, places and things that have come and gone or even have stayed serve a purpose. I am grateful for every experience, opportunity and friendship that I have been blessed to take part in. I am also grateful that God is showing me daily it’s ok to let go and embace the new blessings he has for me.

Just my thoughts…Adrian

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Just my thoughts…Adrian