2 months and counting!!


Well, it’s been two months since I became a wife. For the most part, we get along really well. That is truly a blessing. Then there are times when we don’t agree. I think that’s normal. No two people will probably always agree on everything all the time. But overall, I know in my heart I married the right man and I’m excited about our life together.

Interestingly, lately on my social media pages I’ve noticed a lot of talk from women about finding the “right man.” (I guess it’s as hard as Finding Nemo!) But, I’m curious to learn what the definition of the “right man” is. Because I keep hearing the same things from women, yet they are still single. Does this man really exists, or are the standards women put up too high for a man to even attain?

In my opinion, before a female even considers wanting to be in a relationship, she should ask herself why does she actually want one? Is it because her friends are in relationships and she’s the only one single? Well if that’s the case please allow me to encourage you. Before marriage, I was in different “relationships” with guys, yet I was still alone and sad more than not. (If that makes any sense to you.) Being in a relationship just to say you have a boo is ridiculous. Everyone that post “I love you pics” or not always in healthy and happy relationships. Never envy someone else’s life. Your single life could actually be better!

Next, I would love to ask these women are you truly happy with yourself, by yourself? Before I met my hubby, I loved being by myself. I would take myself out on dates often. I spoiled myself. I did want I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I enjoyed life and I was in love with me as a person. For those longing for a relationship, may I ask, are you happy with yourself first? Understand no one can make you happy. If you aren’t happy before you meet a guy, trying to get him to make you happy is going to lead to disaster. Please date yourself and enjoy your life first. Stop putting off things hoping that when you get into a relationship you could share that time with a special someone. You are special enough.

Let’s talk about these standards women put up for a moment. It’s okay to have a list of what you would like in a future mate, but goodness you gotta have some room for compromise. Maybe when you are finally in the relationship God can show you how you could help him in certain areas that are on “your list.” The woman is suppose to be a help to the man. Stop turning your back on great guys just because they didn’t meet EVERY criteria on your list. Make your list, give it to God and simply get to know a person before dismissing him. He may be your ram in a bush.

I could go on and on about the topic of relationships, but I will end with this. Be open-minded to where and how you could find “the one.” I met my hubby on-line. I know a lot of people are anti-online. But the reality is, I’m happy with my boo. I was a single working mom who didn’t go to bars or etc, so my son was actually the one who suggested I go online to “find a husband.” Now this may not be your thing and that is fine. But, I do want to encourage you to not limit yourself with where you could “bump” into the great guy.

And for all you “super spiritual” women out there who are waiting on God to drop a man from the sky, please also remember the scripture: “Faith without Works is Dead.” Yes, God feeds the birds, but he doesn’t put the worm in their mouths. I want to encourage you to get out there and enjoy life. God has a great way of orchestrating meetings. Trust him with all your heart and simply live and have fun. Your awesome guy is out there also searching for an awesome you. Be patient! Before you know it, you will be counting months too.




Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a wife and mom who has random thoughts in my head. Blogging helps me what's on my mind and be free. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 and The Wright Way

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