Health Insurance…a rip off!


Nowadays it is mandatory that everyone has health insurance or there will be a penalty. Although, I get where that thought stems from to a certain degree, in my opinion, I believe health care in the U.S. is a rip off.

The reason why I believe this is because for me I pay almost $300 per check for me and my children. Per year that’s over $7000. Now let’s say we never have a medical emergency, just our regular yearly checkups, then that’s close to $6000 of unused money that I’ve paid to my health isurance for nothing.

Then, what really bothers me is that fact that although I pay that amount each check, if I do need to see a specialist or go to Urgent Care there is always a co-pay. Why do they even exist? The co-pay should automatically be deducted from the hundreds of dollars I pay monthly.

And lets not talk about if I need any  further test done. I will one day get a huge bill in the mail in which I have to set up a payment plan to pay off. Why can’t this money come from the boat load of money that I have already paid out?

In my opinion, yes I love being an American, but I really think America has money hungry ways about it. I really don’t think many people actually care about the welfare of other people, its all about how much can I get from another person.

Yes, I know the U.S. as a whole is not like this, but the main ones who make the decisions are. It’s unfortunate that people care more about money than human life, when in essence you can’t take any of it with you when you die. Greed is such an horrible trait and sin.

I really wish health insurance wasn’t set up the way it is. People are dying daily because they don’t want a out rageous medical bill to pay. Many people are barely making it as is. Some choose to die rather than go to the doctors. So topic is so sad…


Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a radical follower of Jesus Christ who is a newly wed with two handsome boys, who just wants to share my thoughts and experiences with those who care to read them. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 or my like my Facebook page: onecandleatatime. Enjoy!

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