Letting Go…


If anyone were to admit it is hard to let go, it would be me. I wouldn’t say I’m clingy or a horderer, but sometimes it’s hard for me to grasp the concept of everything having a season.

For example, when I’m blessed to meet new people. I want us to stay in touch forever. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Some people are in my life to teach me a “right now” lesson, then they must exit my life. I must be ok with that.  Some people do have a longer purpose in my life. I’ve been blessed to have life-long friendships. Granted, we don’t talk everyday because life can get busy. But, some friends are just meant to be there so you can just “be you” around them. These friends keep you grounded and aware of self.

With any relationship, one must allow people to fulfill their purpose, then allow them to move on. As much as we don’t want to admit it, nothing lasts forever. There will always a beginning and an end.

Also with life in general, one must learn when to let go and move on. When I move from Michigan to the East Coast, it was time. Just like when I left the East and headed South, it was time. Letting go of everything I’ve ever known was difficult, but it had to happen when it happened. It had to happen when God designed for it to happen. And I will admit, his timing was perfect.

The people, places and things that have come and gone or even have stayed serve a purpose. I am grateful for every experience, opportunity and friendship that I have been blessed to take part in. I am also grateful that God is showing me daily it’s ok to let go and embace the new blessings he has for me.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a radical follower of Jesus Christ who is a newly wed with two handsome boys, who just wants to share my thoughts and experiences with those who care to read them. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 or my like my Facebook page: onecandleatatime. Enjoy!

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