Expired Relationships

We’ve all been there. Holding on to a friendship or relationship past it’s expiration date. We must understand and accept that everyone is not to go into the next chapter of you life.

Admittedly, I am the worse at letting people go after their season in my life has expired. Why do I do this? Because I always focus on the memories, the fun times and the lesson(s) they taught me; instead of appreciating their limited-time purpose in my life.

Life is simply a book with chapters. Every character that started off in the first few chapters may not be in the last chapters of the book. And that’s okay. Well…you have to accept it’s okay.

Letting go of expired relationships doesn’t mean you and the person end on a bad note. Its just that it ended. That relationship is completed. You’ve learned what you were suppose to learn, thus it’s time to move on to the next relationship in which you can learn something new from.

Letting go brings you freedom, clarity and helps you accept change. The world is always evolving. You are always growing. Be wise with whom you allow to be in the next chapter of your life.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a wife and mom who has random thoughts in my head. Blogging helps me what's on my mind and be free. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 and The Wright Way

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