From bitter to better

Often times people hold on to things others have done to them for too long. Yes, that person may have done you wrong, said some things that were untrue about you, or not been there for you; despite all the times you were there for them. But, you have to learn how to forgive and more foward. Holding on to the wrong of someone else only causes you to suffer.

Let go of bitterness and learn how to forgive. What happened, happened and you can not go back in time. Focus on moving foward. Smile regardless. Don’t let situations or people change your character. Let go of bitterness and live your best life.

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Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a radical follower of Jesus Christ who is a newly wed with two handsome boys, who just wants to share my thoughts and experiences with those who care to read them. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 or my like my Facebook page: onecandleatatime. Enjoy!

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