I am a whole person!

I am a whole person. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit complete me. God is my head and I am his child. I have realized that I am nothing without him and greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world. I was created in him image to worship and adore him. He is mine and I am his. I was fully aware of this.

I am a whole person. I am not missing or lacking any good thing because God has supplied all my need according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus. Anything I desire or want I am taught to simply ask, believe and receive in faith. And the more I seek after him, his kingdom and his righteousness, all things shall be added unto me. I understand this.

I am a whole person. I have been blessed with an amazing job in which I am able to take care of my family and pay all of my bills on time. I have my own means of reliable transportation and I can afford the gas to put in it. If I want super or unleaded, that’s for me to decide.

I pay my own rent, my medical, house and car insurance. I pay all my childcare cost, even when I disagree with their fees. I buy my own groceries and my own weave if I choose to wear it. My clothes, I’ve picked them out. My shoes, I bought because I liked them. There is not much that I want that I can’t buy on my own. God has his hand on my life, I am thankful for this.

I am a whole person. I love to date myself. When I get dressed, I don’t have a problem complementing myself. I love the way I style my hair. I love my feminine swagger. I know how to drive myself to where I want to go while listening to the music I love to listen to. I arrive on time without having to wait for anyone else to possibly make me late. I can open my own door, order my own food and leave a blessed tip for the one who has helped me. I know how to treat myself. Rather, if it’s to a nice piece of jewelry or to a simple movie. I know what I love and I do what I love. I love me because God loved me first, I totally appreciate this.

I am a whole person. I have two of the most handsome and awesome boys that God has created this side of Heaven. I love them and they love their mama. My days are filled with superheroes, Legos, video games and stinky feet. I love every minute of it. My daily prayer is that I can be the best mom I can be to these little ones God has entrusted me with. I love watching them mature into honest, respectable and loving men. They have a lot of energy, so they keep me young and alert. They are the greatest blessings to me and I take being their mom seriously. Because of them I will never be lonely. Children are a blessing and I’m grateful for them.

I am a whole person, yet I am alone. The Bible states, it is not good for “man” to be alone so what’s up with me? If I care to think about this too hard, the mind would try to convince me that there is something wrong with me. Maybe, I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m not pretty enough. But, when my mind begins to race with such silly thoughts, God whispers in my ear how much he loves me. He encourages me to simply trust him and his timing and that behind the scenes he is orchestrating a diving connection; a meeting of two souls.

I am a whole person, one who can recognize when I need to take my hands off of the wheel and allow God to take over the driver’s seat. God knows how to get me and my soul mate at the right location at the right time. It is at this destination, this moment in time that two whole people will meet and our relationship will have purpose. We will be two whole people who prior to meeting knew God for themselves. We will have a personal relationship with him and will know his voice. We loved to date ourselves and we live a life full of purpose. Although we both were alone, our joy is in the Lord and we wait patiently for his promise. God’s timing is always the best timing, I accept this.

As I look up at the sky, I smile because I know the one God has for me and my boys is looking at the same sky. He’s praying to the same God. Our divine introduction is coming, but until it happens I will continuously seek the face of God, be the best mom I can be and use my gifts to bring him glory. Daily I am fulfilling my purpose in him and my future relationship will only catapult my purpose to the next level in my destiny. I believe this in Jesus Name.


Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a radical follower of Jesus Christ who is a newly wed with two handsome boys, who just wants to share my thoughts and experiences with those who care to read them. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 or my like my Facebook page: onecandleatatime. Enjoy!

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