What I would tell my younger self…

About a year ago, I got an e-mail from Tyler Perry’s newsletter. In this newsletter it had a video in which Tyler Perry wrote a letter to his younger self. His video was really profound and thought-provoking. I could visualize him talking to his younger self and letting him know, despite what he was going through that it does it better. I could visualized him reaching out and hugging his younger self during times when he was really afraid and did not know what to do. I could visualized him cheering on the younger Tyler Perry and encouraging him that no matter who or what would be against him that God would have his back. His video ministered to me and caused curiosity within myself as I pondered, if I had the opportunity to talk to my younger self, what would I say?

Looking back, there were times that were rough. Times when I cried until I had no more tears. Times when I didn’t understand why a certain person had to die or why a certain boy-friend broke up with me. I didn’t understand why I lived in a single parent home, nor why my brother who was just as loved as me by our mom, acted out in school and in our home. His behavior made me sad, but I got over it.

I remember times when I used my faith, but didn’t know what I was actually doing had a name. I was strong, bold and independent. I wasn’t confined to a certain event or time because I knew tomorrow would bring about a new journey.

If I had an opportunity to talk to my younger self, it would go something like this…

Dear Younger Adrian,

I want you to know that it’s going to be alright. Yes, there will be some hard times. But, those times will help you to get to where God wants you to be. You may not know all the “how’s,” but that’s okay. Trust God. Even when you feel as though you don’t feel him, trust him even more. You will experience many happy times. You will laugh so hard your cheeks will hurt. Your heart will be overjoyed with different life events. Cherish these times. For they will help you when your days are not the happiest. You will make many friends. Some will be in your life for many years, while others will be there to serve a certain purpose. Then they will leave. Learn to let go.

The power that is within you is the Holy Spirit. He will teach you all things. You have great faith. Cultivate it. Keep having goals and reaching for the stars. Nothing is unachievable if you never quit. Believe in yourself and don’t be so easy offended. Seek wisdom and be patient. Learn who your real friends are and let go of the others. The gift that is within you will make room for you. Learn to laugh at yourself and reward yourself for any goals you’ve accomplished. God is going to use you in a mighty way so get ready. Study his Word.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you everything that is going to happen because I am still experiencing life. But I can tell you that you will never be in lack because of the power of your mind. You will put into action the scriptures and the windows of heaven will be opened unto you. Despite your mess ups, God will love you and use you for great things.

Be encouraged, you have purpose. When you need a hug, I will send one your way. Seek God first and everything you can possibly imagine shall be yours.


Your older self.

I’ve included a link to the YOUTUBE video of the actual letter I wrote to myself. Enjoy.


Author: koolaidsmile78

I'm a radical follower of Jesus Christ who is a newly wed with two handsome boys, who just wants to share my thoughts and experiences with those who care to read them. You can view and subscribe to my videos on YouTube: Koolaidsmile78 or my like my Facebook page: onecandleatatime. Enjoy!

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